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Types of Life - Mental - Astral - Physics

We can say that the physical, visible and invisible has three aspects: mental, emotional, sensory or Astral and Physical, which means that in principle there are three kinds of life: Mental Life, Life Astral and Physical Life.
From now on we will work with the term Astral to simplify treatment must always remember that stands for "Emotional-sensory".
Just as physical life is manifested through a physical body, other aspects also have their own body makes mental life through the mental body and the astral life through astral body.
These bodies are interrelated through other bodies that developed later. They are interdependent.
Let's review the concept of "flat". Everything that exists has a place in space, therefore all existing vibration occupies a place in space. Each vibration has a certain quality that differs from the others, so mental, astral and physical are different qualities, therefore each group in its own place. That place which brings together each of the different qualities of vibration is called Plano, meaning that there is a physical plane, mental plane astral plane.
Each plane encompasses all frequencies that can have that kind of vibration, the densest to the subtlest.
The way their bodies be taking vibrations of respective planes, the mental body mental plane, the astral plane astral body and the physical body physical plane.
vibrational quality of these bodies or the kind of vibration that comprise very different from one another.
This difference determines the hierarchy that exists between the two: the hierarchy is the mental body whose vibrations are more subtle than the astral, then the astral, which is more subtle than the physical.
Thus subtle physical vibration to vibration never reach denser astral astral and never reach a more subtle mental vibration denser, therefore there must be a link between them to be interlinked.

+ Subtle Body
' Mental
+ Denso
+ Subtle Body
Astral + Denso
+ Subtle Body
' Physical
+ Denso

To live in harmony with natural hierarchies must prevail in our lives the mental aspect on the astral and the physical.
primarily prevails in our humanity or astral appearance is handled with the sensations and emotions, very few give preponderance to the mental aspect is still prevalent in some looks.
All humanity must achieve through its evolution and progress become dominant with his mind on other things, astral and physical.


We take care of our physical body, eliminating alcohol, snuff, red meat, coffee and anything that is toxic or additive.
If our physical body is intoxicated, is crude, rude, vibrates in density, so as our mental and astral bodies are manifested through the physical body also vibrate in density.
If we change our food by substances toxin-free, pure, do physical exercises, walking, sports, etc.., and we achieve a healthy physical body, harmonious, our astral and mental aspects to manifest more harmony, more pure.
is impossible to have a pure physical body and our astral and mental are impure because to do so we must put our minds and our desires for the sake of that goal and if we get low vibration handle so will our food. Nor can we have an impure physical body and our astral and mental are working elevadamente, because these three bodies are interrelated and there is a direct relationship in the vibrational frequency that animates.
is likely that if the astral and mental bodies into contact with high vibration they need a physical body refined to its manifestations, the physical body fed red meat, snuff, alcohol, unpleasant symptoms manifest although passenger happen every time we make contact with higher vibrations. Consider also interfere with the state of our physical body at that elevation
Al feed on red meat, alcohol, snuff, let alone if we consume drugs, intoxicated not only our physical, but also with these emanations attract disembodied beings who have not yet been raised and who enjoy these emanations. Consequently
around us trying to influence our thoughts and desires to strengthen the vices we have and take advantage of those feelings. Consider that these disembodied beings are desperate to feed their vices not because they have no physical body for it, then come to us to connect with those feelings. They connect through the astral plane where vibrations take us to form our astral body and therefore were bound to him as those beings that are linked in this way can sense our feelings and they feel them.


As in the astral body manifest emotions and feelings, if it vibrates in density, is susceptible of passions and baser emotions, however if it vibrates subtly respond to higher emotions and sensations.
This tonic vibration is given by the kind of emotions and feelings that we usually make it vibrate constantly.
The astral body responds to stimuli from the physical body and the mental body tending to echo the sentiments or emotions with which you are familiar.
Like anything develops with use, forming in his habits and customs of the repetition of similar emotions and feelings. The same applies to the mental body.
Every emotion or feeling that affects us impacts the astral body, therefore all our actions involving an emotion or feeling will be marking our astral body. Therefore we must guard our thoughts, our actions, we are getting used to that kind of music we listen to, what movies we watch, etc.., Even the smallest of our actions influence our astral.
For example, travel is another factor affecting our astral which is influenced by the vibrational state of the places visited.
The mountains, the countryside, the mountains, the sea, we offer a host of charitable feelings is given not only by its vibrational purity but also by irradiation of the "divine seed" purest experienced in those places and that give a very subtle vibratory tonic beneficially impacting on our astral body, mental and physical.
So every so often we make that change vibratory visiting some of these places beneficial to our mental, emotional and physical. No need to travel far, can be a park, a plaza.
city noises cause anxiety, excitement, irritate nerves and this is further accentuated by the amount of other beings that are in the same state of anxiety and excitement and influence each other and create a dense atmosphere .
We must bear in mind that we frequent places, places where people consume a lot of alcohol, where no drug, where misguided sexuality and though we do not participate are influenced by these negative vibrations.
Recall that at the time of incarnate form our astral body matter (vibration) of the astral plane or whether they were continuous vibratory contact with the plane.
Each of our emotions or feelings, both positive and negative, to be in contact with the astral plane, said plane vibrations attract similar and reinforce those aspects.
We must remember that the astral plane also feed back with our feelings and sensations that makes the need to always act positively for purifying the plane and go slowly eliminating the negative vibrations prevailing on him and influence on mankind.


Our mental body or countless human mind generates thoughts or mental forms shaped by vibrations of a certain quality and frequency.
If these thoughts are of an intellectual or impersonal mental vibrations are generated only for example thinking about mathematics.
If instead the thought includes some feeling like being, selfishness, envy, love, love, well wishes, also generates emotional-sensory vibrations or astral. The feeling generated by our thinking must be manifested through our astral body or sensory emotional that creates the corresponding astral vibrations.
If thought is low, negative, mental and astral vibrations generates very low frequency, dense and dark.
If thought is spiritual, elevated wish for good, harmonious, if the being is vibrating in love, in a deep sense, mental and astral vibrations generated subtle, high frequency, shiny and bright.
Here we must remember that we are linked to the mental plane and therefore each of our thoughts attracts similar vibrations of that plane and get stronger and also fed back that up with our own thoughts.
If they are negative thoughts reinforce negative foci of that plane if positive change help purify it.
Those vibrations or mental forms, whatever their frequency, have two effects: Radiant
effect, ie it is radiating in the plane on its own frequency. We must remember here that all mental vibrations dwell on the mental plane and from there they are taken by the minds that vibrate in affinity with that thought form.
We see so some concepts and even phrases or words used in knowledge appear in print, television, or heard from someone, that is because they are made by affinity mental plane where dwell all forms including mental those generated in our times of meditation or spiritual study.
may happen that some of these thought forms generated by other minds wanting assail our thoughts enter our mind. If one of those thoughts captures our attention, we take it as your own, you strengthen and transform it into one's own thought, we are responsible for everything that occurs, both in good and in bad.
However if we reject it, if we realize that "I can not think this way" and clear our minds are not responsible for what the thought occurs.
If our thought is taken by one or more minds and strengthened before they were enshrined in the physical, we are responsible for final action, provided both good as bad.
Surround Effect, ie around being that generated it, whether personal, or upon which it is addressed. We vibrate around until affinity with that vibration and reinforce your own thinking.
If a positive vibration of love, desire for good, to be up around the time to act.
If a negative vibration we must consider the following: If you are targeting to be rightful be influenced by the surrounding is thought that being up pending such influence. If, however, does not apply, the vibration is returned to its source, ie, to be generated and reinforces the negativity. Anyway
are always responsible for final action and that final action either good or evil inevitably return to us. If negative constitute part of our karma, our actions that we reverse and if positive will be to our spiritual benefit.
This surround effect that all thought must rescue that involves the desire either to another being around him forever until it can act. This means that even if we seem that our orders do not be in effect and which continue to ask "same" or "worse" must not falter in our attempt, as we must be certain that at some point that vibration will help that be regardless of the time elapsed.
mental forms do not disappear as such until they are transformed into a fact, in a circumstance, physically, in the field. Therefore
must be very careful to see that kind of thought forms are generating as once issued are vibrating on the mental plane and are responsible for its outcome.

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