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Vibratory Spotlights

"Permanent Lights" and "Transient Spotlights"

We here extend the concepts of Divine Plans. In these planes where dwell the Christic Nuclei have also originated vibrations evolving life, Life No Vibration evolving and Elements. Hence
exists within the Divine Plans a feature called "Divine Creators Plans" which are the "Spots Vibrators" that give rise to all the vibrations of the universe.
words, in "Divine Creators Plans" different "Spotlights" Divine Vibration Originate different "qualities" Vibration acting on the entire universe. Certain
"Spotlights Creators" give origin to evolving life and other "Spotlights Creators" Life does not give origin to evolving and Vibration Elements. Life evolving not evolving life accompanies providing the "means" it needs to perform its Evolution and Vibration Elements, although not accompanied also helps to train the means, all Ruled by Law
Al mention it verbally say "evolving life Spotlights Creators" and "Life Makers Spotlights not evolving." We can not define exactly those aspects of the Planes Divine, because beyond our mental capacity, but we can have a more or less approximate.
say in "Divine Creators Plans" because we can not determine them, nor do we know its location within the Divine plans but there "Divine Creators Plans" in which Universal Vibrations Originate.
Like all vibrations-Universal and Universal-dependent in its origin, in its "Birth" and the action for which they have been Produced or have "Born," the needs of the evolving life, just by necessity of the evolving life.
Then in the originating Creator Spotlights universal vibrations are the primary vibrations can act anywhere in the Universe. Those vibrations, as we have seen are diversified, combine to form new vibrations that act in a certain sector of the universe, a system, a planet, and in a certain aspect.
That vibration and originated in what we called "Chemical Process" is what we call Universal Vibrations since not only act in that particular location and appearance.
is logical to assume that the evolving life has origin in its creation "above" that of the non evolving life. But we must remember that even though life is not evolving "born" to serve and accompany the evolving life is not "inferior" nor "later" to her, we could say that it is almost "simultaneous" birth as Life evolving or rather "born" need of "life energy" that lets you "live" and that "life energy" is not evolving Life in Action. Not to be confused with the vibration elements that although born to also meet the needs of the evolving life at the time makes necessary, regardless of the birth of the evolving life, as it accompanies.
If we say "lower" pointing hierarchy would look for life on other aspect of life, and we must understand that there is no hierarchy of one over another even if in the process of evolution, during which the evolving life is in contact Life with different vibrations not evolving, one aspect can, at some point act hierarchically over another, because, alone, to "state" that is temporarily, at that time, one or another aspect of life. Saying act hierarchically
we mean that it does express a certain hierarchy (lowercase, because it is only apparent and "momentary") on the other side of life. For example, when the aspect of life that regresses evolves evolving not take "form", the vibration is denser and therefore, in that "moment" acts hierarchically evolving life, because life in subtle state has a much larger force that life in dense state, which is an aspect of hierarchy. Another aspect is that the matter is likely to become negative and, instead, the Spirit can never become negative, even if the Spirit is in "investment state" always has better strength than matter. That's the hierarchy to which we can refer, among one aspect of life and other aspect of life.
Man has hierarchical responsibility for everything that exists on the planet in physical appearance, because it has freedom of action and free will, also has mental power and capacity for judgment and the law allows the use of these powers, so both have rank on that which has no mental capacity or freedom of action and capacity for discernment. When Life is not evolving tool for the evolving life action, it is not acting hierarchically.
So we say it has "Birth" "post" in "Plans Divine Creator" and not having "Birth" in "Divine Creators planes" inferior, because only differentiate the "moment" of "Birth" one and another aspect of life.
Moreover, the "Spots" which originates in evolving life are "Spotlights" permanent, whereas the "Spotlights" Causing Life-Vibration Universal evolving not-are "Spotlights" transients, ie having "Mobility" and the same vibrations that constitute a "Focus" can be other "Lights", "response" to "Claim" of Creation, and re-establish those same "Spotlights" in the ongoing "Movement" Vibration in Divine Plans.
We call "Universal Vibrations", in the Aspect of Life evolving-not those that have their origin in "Divine Creators Plans", ie Divine Plans Governing the Whole Universe, therefore, the action spans the Universe. Other vibrations are caused by other planes, not divine, as "Answer" to "Claim" in need of evolving life, these are not universal vibrations, even if they have "born" Universal Vibration.
We call "Divine Creators Plans" (in quotes) as a way of clarification, the Divine aspects in which originates or emanates Life evolving life and not evolving. In "Divine Creators Plans" certain "Spotlights" give "birth" to not evolve Universal Vibrations, Vibrations Perfect without Perfectibility, ie they have no evolutionary path but evolving life Serve, Serving, also, to the Law of Evolution.
We must consider what we call "Divine Creators Plans" as an aspect of the Divine, an aspect of what 1lamamos GOD.
All that exists is God, but now we are talking about the aspect of the Divine Creator, to Aspects Causing Life and His Laws, anything that could be considered "The Beginning", which, although we can not know when or how we should appoint to somehow, as humans, understand Life and His Laws.
say "begin" because it is not in reality a start but what our mind can understand how to start. That can not really understand our embodied state, because the Divine Vibration accelerates both our mental vibration that we lose consciousness and our mind can not understand anything, at most could have Feeling of Reality.
The "Spotlights Creators" from which emanates the evolving life that are in Divine Plans call "Divine Creators Plans". In "Divine Creators Plans" are constituted by "association" of different vibrations, different Causing Transient Spotlights Universal Vibrations. Vibratory Movement in "Divine Creators Planes" is permanent Vibrations of those planes "associate" under the "Movement" and the need for Life in the Universe, to constitute "Spotlights" that will give origin to certain vibrations which, in turn, can "associate" with other vibrations and give origin to other vibrations and those vibrations other a "Movement" constant
The "Lights" Transients are not static and "intended" to Originate Vibrations certain, but in "Divine Creators Plans" Work is permanent, "partnering" Vibrations and becoming "Spotlights" to "Reply" to a need for the Creation, in a "moment" and in another "time" to "reply" to another need and creating permanent vibration such as to be called Vibrations "Mother", eg Vibration "Mother" of the Elements, but then In other "associations" Vibrations that "associates" that vibration created "Mother", constitute other "Lights" Transient Vibration for Originate other. The Vibration of Life
evolving not not "born" Vibration "Mother", "born" directly from "Spotlights" Transient
In Plans Divine Creators "there is a constant vibration movement.
The Vibration "Mother" is vibration that "born" Unified and Drawings Projects outside the Divine. Vibration Always "born" Unified, although aimed at diversification, real or apparent.
The Power of Movement "Divine Creators Planes" is such that what is destined to the Universe, in the impulse of "Birth", the Projects to the "point" where you start Act.
The Vibration "Mother" that "born" is and will always continue being. Created Life is forever, is in God. Universal Vibrations Produced from God Himself Son of God forever; any "Focus" sustain, "feed" in which Divine Vibration Son.
Does leads Reintegration Beings "Divine Creators Plans" some "time"? Answering the question
say, then, that the "Divine Creators Plans" are an aspect of the Divine is not on the path of evolving life, ie are outside the elliptical evolutionary .. Create
Divinity of Itself, but can not create Created as Divinity.
The "Divine Creators Plans" are an aspect of the Divine is not on any path, whereas "Divine Plans" are comprised of evolving life on Return to Divinity. Early Plans
Creators Divine Son of God, who Creates Himself, and Drawings Divine Son Reintegration evolving life in God. We can not say
What we call "Divine Creators Planes" is "part" of God, because we would be "specifying" the Godhead, so say "Plans Divine Creators" are an aspect of the Divine. Speaking of planes
Divine imagine not at all, "form", because this would lead to misconceptions. We must take into account the permanent Vibratory Movement in "Divine Creators Plans".
evolving Universal Life - "Sprouted" of "permanent Foci" in "Plans Divine Creators" - "Claim" according to his need, and, "Responding" to the "Claim" also on "Divine Creators Plans" , various Vibrations "associate" in "Spotlights Transients" Originating Universal Vibrations "Unclaimed".
evolving life "born" as "Divine Spark" is God who Creates Himself, and Divine Substance. We say that is because the Divine Substance "Spotlights" of which "born" are permanent, meaning that their Vibrations They do not separate or "associate" with other vibrations "Divine Creators Plans". In contrast, non-life evolving aspect emanates from God but not of Himself but Founded Originated in Him "Transient Spotlights".
Although human words are incapable of expressing the reality, we can say that the "Divine Sparks"-evolving life-are "Divine Buds" that in the time of Divine Creation Active Time Rhythm Divine, receive momentum, keeping always to Yes, the spear to travel the Evolutionary Elliptical reinstate that as Vibration Yes One.
We have always said that God is infinite and eternal, we believe that this concept we are trying to deepen gives a sense more "concrete" His Eternity.
Life Vibration is not evolving, in the Passive-Time "Rest of Creation" - Rhythm Divine, "emanates" from God to "Claim" of Creation in Active Time, intended to serve, accompanied or not - to the evolving life in all its evolutionary path.
Everything is life and that's two different aspects but "inseparable" A Life.
As the word "create" means "to give birth to something that does not exist," call "permanent Foci" those of the Divine Substance gushing as "Divine Sparks" and "Transient Spotlights" to those who "are" to give origin to life not evolving. Everything
"born", all you have Origin, in "Divine Creators Plans" are Universal Vibrations.
From the "permanent Foci" Sprouts evolving life for the entire Universe.
Those "Divine Sparks" that "sprout" of these "Spots" Seed of Life are developed in their proper aspect-according to "Climate" and "means" to give them the experience Act , all the faculties inherent in their Quality Divine Substance.
denominate "Transient Spotlights" to Those Causing the evolving aspect of life not because they constantly remain "associate" your vibrations for different Originate Vibrations
The Spotlights Divine Vibrations in permanent and transient, Crean and Originate and continue being forever do not lose anything or decrease by the Created or Originated and the Created and Originated is forever. This means that these Divine Vibrations created, ie create something that did not exist but without losing or diminishing anything of himself. Life
Vibrations are evolving not static vibration, as they have permanent Action Movement.
Elements-for example-are universal vibrations. Your Vibration "Mother" is originated on a "Focus Transitional Creator", but the vibrations of the "Focus", "associated" with other vibrations undoubtedly gave origin to other Universal Vibrations.
The constitution of the "Spotlights Transients" in "Plans Divine Creators" "Answer" to the needs of "moments" Evolutionary, which can be very distant projection of the evolving life going "Being born". It occurs in the time (not time) with only one after that, in human time, could qualify as imperceptible, but logically, if your constitution is later, because it's "Answer" to "Claim".
Al "born" the evolving life, immediately establishing the "Claim". We can not measure it in time because time does not exist, we say "immediately", although in "Divine Creators Plans" that means, no doubt, a "Movement" in Life as evolving life "born" and begins immediately to evolve.
As is Life "Movement" permanent, continuous action, not a single moment Life stands still Vibration. Therefore, no sooner has "Born" evolving life "Claim"-through the Act, Evolution and Progress, and its "Claim" constitute "Transient Spotlights" Causing the other Aspect of Life "Claimed ".
When work the "permanent Foci" which "Sprouts" evolving life, we say it is and when Active Time, "Responding" to "Claim" Created Life-Time we can not determine-Work Day " Spotlights Transients ", we say it is time liabilities. Take
based on a "Permanent Focus" creator of evolving life and a "Focus Transitional" that life originates not evolving. "Sprouts" evolving life to start your path driven Developmental and now, in this "Point" Life need not evolving and "Claim" - through the Law of Evolution and Progress -, then. Work the "Focus" Transient. That's the Rhythm of Creation, Life evolving life and not evolving.
We should consider every aspect of the Evolution of Life "born" as a "movement" and each "Movement" is a "Claim" of need. The first "Movement" Life of the "Divine Sparks" is a "Claim" of life need not evolving and, therefore, constitute the "Spotlights" Causing Transient Life evolving not "Unclaimed".

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