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Evolutionary elliptical

Plans Divine, Spiritual, and Physical

Evolutionary elliptical

We will expand the knowledge on Evolutionary Elliptical. Will cover since the birth of the "Divine Seeds", embryonic beings until resettlement to the Divine from which we were born.
are born as a set of bright sparks, ie born in waves, in groups, in that twin birth and no sooner were born under the protection of all the Divine Laws, Law of Love, Law of Evolution, Law of Affinity, Law of Karma or Cause and Effect, the Law of Hierarchy Reincarnations Act, Universal Balancing Act, and began to tour the Evolutionary Elliptical.
are born of the Divine Mind are thus pure mind, a mind without further development. The development will achieve through the evolutionary path of the ecliptic.
These waves of beings who are "born" are located in certain sectors of the universe, in certain galaxies, suns and systems, according to the "quality" vibrational born. That vibrational quality is given by the momentum of birth which is what puts them where they belong.
As an example we can do the following: take a few balls in our hand and arrojémoslas on a surface, we see that each is at a different location from the surface, a closer, others farther. What makes the difference? the momentum of the action of throwing. That momentum has different responses of the beads, so the promotion of birth has different results in the group ranking embryonic beings are born in groups, in different sectors of the universe.
That momentum makes a mark on the being that is what determines its quality vibrating. sector
That difference makes beings pass through different experiences according to the media that presents each sector, but as the Divine is justice, these experiences are completely equivalent, ie there is no prerogative to living according to sector that touched them.
These embryonic beings begin their experiences in order to develop the full potential they have for their spiritual birth of the Divine, its faculties and powers, in very subtle planes, where there are no forms, only vibrations.
are invisible physical planes containing basic physical invisible vibrations that will then form the corresponding average experience at the visible physical forms of each world. In the case of our basic physical planet invisible vibrations are those corresponding to the realms of nature, mineral, vegetable and animal, and other worlds will be as appropriate but always method.
Then make contact with these basic vibrations are very subtle and incorporating such knowledge, those feelings. This addition makes progress in its evolution vallan therefore move from plane to plane increasingly subtle until the plane forms as belonging to our world.
remember we talked about our planet as it is the only reference we have.
The vibrations will compose media experiences that correspond to each planet in the whole universe.
This part of the Evolutionary Elliptical is in descent to the planes of form, "Step Down" or "Stage densifying".
Like here in our world know the great multiplicity of forms may wonder whether evolving beings go through each of these forms.
Group Soul speak was the one that contained all beings in their state of "embryo" and "semi-consciousness" to the point of evolution that corresponds begin experimenting with full awareness of their existence, of their individuality, in the human kingdom. It is a Group Soul that contains all beings are born brothers in each of these waves, in each bright beam ie Group-Souls will be many groups of birth as is. Thus
needless beings, "divine embryos" pass through all forms as communicate with each other experiences. No need to go through all minerals, not all plants or all animals, but the group must go through all the experiences in the physical planes visible and invisible.
In those last moments make experiences in highly developed animal forms such as mammals, emphasizing the use of animal forms in contact with humans, dogs, cats, horses, etc..
This requires us to think that we should always radiate love to all animals that come to us for that also serves their experiences. Even animals
unpleasant or dangerous to our health should be away from us, but we must keep in mind that we sense it. So, if we have to kill a cockroach or a rat we think that should continue with its development and that action not to do so with a vengeance our revulsion. Beings are a part of his career.
not forget that this contact with human vibration serves to be changing a "semi" to be "fully aware" not to ignore, even in a rudimentary way, the vibration that will then be used in the United Human.
Animals have basic invisible physical bodies but not transient after each return to the Group Soul experience, an experience not directly related to each other. There is a need for the group of beings within a particular group or animal species. Since they have no awareness of right and wrong do not retain or exceedances achieved negative karma.
When a spirit must occupy an animal body conform some invisible physical bodies comparable to the basics but with the sole purpose of contacting the spiritual with the physical.
In animals not receiving these invisible bodies Karma exceedances or as basic receive invisible bodies of humans.
When animal life ends this aspect of intermediation disintegrates.
Being once achieved their awareness of individuality in rudimentary form, finishes his last experience in animal form and once in space creates its own soul Jiva group taking all the experiences that are in it.
also performed an analysis in space from each experience and use your discernment and free will determines, according to his own point of evolution, which is "good" and who is "evil" thus forming the "Consciousness good and evil ".
This awareness training is what allows you to start with their experiences as individuals in the Human Kingdom.
Here we must clarify that the Divine Laws that govern us respond to our mistakes according to the evolutionary point we have achieved and also according to the concepts of "good" and "evil" of our own spiritual awareness. Each experiment carried out in full accordance to our spiritual capacity, if the experience was beyond it would not be able to overcome it, even putting all our will therefore be unfair. Laws do not allow us to arrive experiences for which we are unprepared. That does not mean we spend all experiences, it will depend on the degree of each improvement will start.
should be remembered that the divine laws will make the experiences we receive many times as necessary until overcome. Of course it will come at the time we are ready to overcome this difficulty but always putting up our will
Another concept to consider is that as soon as we are born of the Divine as "divine embryo" we are protected and guided by our experiences very advanced minds, of minds that have made a point of evolution and spiritual progress that allow become guides.
In all the moments lived, including the first human incarnations, these "minds guides" suggest to minds that are experiencing the experiences which are more convenient. They say "suggest" because no mind can exert direct influence over another, except that the self, using his will and free will abandon its mental aspect that influence, allow yourself to be "taken" by that other mind. They are actually very rare and its solution is known as "exorcism".
What it can do is build a thought of another mind, but only when it vibrates in affinity. Only a vibration can make contact with another when there is a close affinity, ie when both are negative or both are positive.
When we advance in our evolution comes a point where we do not need suggestions for our experiences then those minds become our "Spiritual Guide" and if we are able to rise spiritually those minds guide us, protect us, give us strength and suggestions for our better live.
Each of us has a protective guide may or may not know, according to the needs of our experiences. If the experiences to make appropriate that we know somehow we're going to find. Once
evolutionary reached the point we started with human experiences, as we reached the maximum diversification of our vibrations, we enter the stage "up" or stage of "subtilization".
This means that when we are in the downward phase surrounding let our divine essence, our mental aspect of the vibrations of each plane had to form our soul.
Once subtilization started back stage pass, now ascending, for the same planes for which we have fallen, in the development of our faculties and powers, leaving then each picked vibrations to form our soul.
This means that at the end of our stage again be subtilization only pure mind and soul vibrations that are returned to each plane, but that pure mind has already realized its full potential. Once achieved
subtilization and eliminated the vibrations of the soul in each plane by which we ascend we go to get the most of our subtilization the Divine Plan as developed Pure Mind Reintegration beginning stage.
They said we now know that there are three stages: Descending or "densifying" Ascending or "Sutilizadora" and "reintegration".

wish to clarify a little more about the "minds guides".
The "minds guides" that help us from our spiritual birth as "divine sparks" do so throughout our history to the point where no more embody.
actively participate in the preparation of the experiences to make our first incarnations. As our being develops such participation decreases until we are ready to choose for ourselves without help. Even in the early stages
no longer need help to "plan" our experiences as participants without influencing their task of "minds guides" is still needed when we are as embodied in the early years of our life and we can still apply our insight and free will. Those "minds" are responsible in these stages we get corresponding to experiences "planned" of which involved only as "listeners", ie without influence but by knowing them to guide us in these early stages. These "guides minds" purest are most often detected by children at an early age and become his playmate "invisible" to the children they put a name. In my case, my niece and my second son playing together always called him Paco. He felt them talking and one asked them who they were talking or playing and responded "with Paco" as saying "do not you see?".

Plans Divine, Spiritual, and Physical

We had seen that plane is a set of points in a given scale evolutionary and plane begins at the end of another more subtle, ie the set of points covered are evolving over evolutionary points above plane and so on. Deepening this topic
see how planes are located from the Divine to the plane containing our world.
more subtle planes which are only beings who have started Reintegration phase in contact with the Divine, are the Divine Plans. In these same planes is where born as beam of bright sparks embryonic beings or "divine seed".
These embryonic beings are located, initially, at the initial spiritual stage of "divine seed" and then advance them as "semi-consciousness" or "mindfulness," according to the evolutionary point achieved through development achievements of his powers and faculties in the design of experiments.
Then come the physical planes, planes of experiences, ranging from the physical to the physical unseen visible where they manifest vibrations in the planes of form are the kingdoms of nature in this part of the universe. We always refer to what we know to develop knowledge but we must always remember that elsewhere media experience may be completely different but always method.
The visible and invisible physical planes exist throughout the universe adapted to each type of experience that should make beings that can be very different from one planet to another system or galaxy.
This clarified that the physical planes contain invisible invisible physical vibrations which then in every part of the universe will form the appropriate media experience. It ranges from the subtle vibrations, physical invisible to the vibrations of the worlds ways we might call dense vibrations.
We should clarify that we said dense vibrations and negative vibrations because the concept is totally different. A vibration can be negative is both subtle and dense. Your positive or negative tonic has nothing to do with their density.
+ DENSO Divine Plans
+ DENSO Spiritual Planes
+ SUBTLE Physical Planes
+ DENSO Invisibles
(our poses and everything we see in the universe) Form Physical Plane
In this arrangement
see that more subtle vibration plane is less than the denser vibration plane immediately above. Besides drawing is just to exemplify, not mean at all amount of planes since this measure is unknown.
Nor do we know how many there are evolutionary points in a plane between the vibration denser and more subtle

not good to be born, "divine seed", is located on a spiritual plane and from there, as we have seen, makes its projection Physical Planes. According to the development achieved through multiple reincarnations, the experience changes completely end its evolutionary within the Spiritual Plane and so is advancing spiritual plane changing as appropriate, through them. At one point
arrived (arrive) those beings divine plans of where they were born, ie they have reinstated Divinity actually beginning their reintegration stage.
course to reach Divine Plans needed millennia and millennia of experience and we know that worlds or where in the universe.

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